Munich High-End Show 2017 Impressions

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It’s been almost 12 years since I last visited the Munich High-End show so I decided it was time for an update. It was an asbsolutely fantastic event and I will definitely go there again in 2018! Nowhere else in the world can you listen to setups costing as much as a house. My focus this year was on music server technologies but I admit I got swept away by all those fantastic shiny turntables and speakers :)

I will report further impressions with new digital audio gear in the coming months.

Waiting in anticipation…

Here I was testing out the Mytek Brooklyn DAC and wow! A true contender for my top-DAC listing and also my first foray into MQA territory

Music server setups everywhere

Kingsound electrostratic speakers from Hong Kong. They offered a breathtaking resolution and surprisingly good bass. In contrast to Martin Logan, Kingsound uses full-size panels just for the bass

Truly worst sound of the show IMHO :( I had a listen to the famous Lampizator Golden Gate DAC in this room and it was a total disappointment. Midrange was completely distorted and colored. I don’t think it’s the fault of the DAC but the speaker setup was not up to the task. Sorry, guys…

Burmester Audiosysteme showed off some gorgeous cars that I’d love to own. Mhhh, that Bugatti looks delicious :)

Finally I could listen to Burmester’s top of the line audio system…

Burmester also offers two exquisite music servers

Bluesound and NAD

Chord did a really impressive presentation and I also got a chance to demo the brand-new Chord Hugo II powering the Audeze LCD X!

Transrotor turntables make you want to switch to an analog setup…

KEF Muon speakers – costing about 160.000 Euros a pair if you have some change left over…but their latest entry-level speaker at less than 2000 Euros was equally fantastic, even after listening to the gigantic Muon speakers! Arcam electronics has been used during this demonstration. To me that is another proof how reasonably-priced electronics can power reference-grade speakers

Best sound of the show!! Martin Logan showcased their ESL 13A speaker from the Masterpiece series and I must say it totally deserves that name tag. I have never experienced such a perfection and breathtaking resolution. Too bad they are a bit out of my budget, though…

If I weren’t in love with electrostatic speakers, I’d rate this the best sound of the show. Wilson Audio Alexx paired with Nagra electronics from Switzerland are an absolute dream. I could sit there the whole day and just listen to music

dCS digital-to-analog converters – want to review those as well :)

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