Have you ever dreamed of building your own audiophile music server but just didn’t know where to start? I have experimented with literally dozens of music server setups since early 2001 – originally starting with just a simple laptop hard-wired to my stereo system. Those were the days of expensive harddisks. Back in the days, I remember spending countless hours on the internet to find solutions to seemingly trivial network or audio problems.

Fortunately, we can now choose from so many fantastic streaming products.

Almost every major audio manufacturer including Pioneer, Denon, Arcam, Cambridge Audio or Linn is offering wireless streaming solutions or complete network media players in their lineup that can just be plugged into your hi-fi system.

But wich one is right for you?

My name is Michael, an audio-enthusiast. I’m living in Vienna, Austria. I decided to launch my article series on this website to share my experiences with you…

Audio is only my hobby so this website DOES NOT try to be like major hifi magazines.

Plan and build a perfectly working music server.I am going to show you how to set up the data/music storage back-end, help you figure out space requirements, understand basic networking stuff (don’t worry – it’s actually super simple). This is the first but most crucial step. Only then are you prepared to move on to the audio side.

How to move your existing music collection to hard drives. You might want to start by having your entire CD library accessible on the server. I will show you how to rip CDs, what compression formats I personally recommend and why you should avoid MP3.

Compare music server products in various price ranges. I will discuss simple solutions that require just a laptop and a few accessories up to more sophisticated high-end setups from NAIM Audio or Linn.

Understand what a DAC is and how it benefits you. The quality of getting your music from digital to analog is absolutely important if you desire best results. I will show you what parameters are important in a music streamer.

Help you pick the right software. You are going to need server software, media player software for your operating system and most likely smartphone apps.

Remote-control everything. One of the coolest aspects of music servers is that you aren’t limited to skiping tracks. You can also browse cover art, search by artists, genre or create playlists. Let me show you the best remote control apps.

Ready to get started? Keep on reading and I hope that you may soon enjoy your favorite music from your very own music server system!

Do you need my personal help? I can help you for free with any question related to digital audio or if you’re stuck Please feel free to contact me

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