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Product Reviews

Introduction Hifime is a Chinese-based manufacturer of low-budget audiophile DACs and headphone amplifiers. My first encounter with them was back in 2015 when I was searching for a USB noise blocker and didn’t want to pay ludicrous “audiophile” prices to block unwanted chirping noises caused by my onboard soundcard. I liked their USB noise filter […] Read more

Introduction As a vinyl junkie who’s just getting into this hobby, you’re probably wondering what basic cleaning or maintenance equipment you should get. Unfortunately there’s a ton of misleading and overpriced garbage out there so here I’m going through not only cheap but effective accessories that matter from my personal experience. I’m going to keep […] Read more

Introduction Although I’ve been setting up NAS boxes for years, those have been solely for friends and family members. So far my personal storage needs were well served by standalone HTPCs. Around Christmas 2017, I finally decided to move my storage to a dedicated NAS. Not only did I want a server for my music […] Read more

Introduction It’s been almost 12 years since I last visited the Munich High-End show so I decided it was time for an update. It was an asbsolutely fantastic event and I will definitely go there again in 2018! Nowhere else in the world can you listen to setups costing as much as a house. My […] Read more

Introduction The life of an audio hobbyist and reviewer can be a painful journey. Just two weekends ago, I managed to destroy the USB input of my beloved Gustard X20 DAC :( It happened while I was doing a comparative review between the Hifiberry Digi+ Pro and the Gustard USB input. Although my DAC displayed […] Read more

Introduction Now that I can finally lay my hands on the venerable Chord Mojo (advertisement), I am super-excited to put it head to head against my other DACs. I did listen to the Mojo earlier during a regional headphone meet but the noisy environment wasn’t helpful in reaching any final conclusions other than walking away […] Read more

Introduction This is the first time I’m writing about an add-on accessory for a product that I haven’t even thorougly reviewed first on this blog :) I did get a chance to try out the Chord Mojo recently and it literally blew me away. How can a DAC / headphone amp at the size of […] Read more

Introduction Having a technical background, I always laughed about the ridiculous claims cable manufacturers made. So I never really invested in expensive RCA cables or power cords…until recently. I just wanted to find out what the fuss is all about. Maybe I was completely wrong and I overlooked something. Who knows, maybe I would finally […] Read more

Introduction After living with my Chinese SMSL M8 DAC for a while, I was getting kinda curious whether there’s still something better out there. Since I haven’t had much experience with pricier Chinese audio gear, I thought it was time for yet another experiment. During my research, I stumbled upon the Gustard X20u DAC which […] Read more

As I’ve explained in my previous posts, Roon Labs software can currently be used only with a limited number of hardware devices although that number is growing. German manufacturer ELAC has recently entered the scene (advertisement) with a one-box music server (ELAC Discovery) that includes a great DAC and full Roon capabilities. But if you […] Read more