Munich High-End Hifi Show 2023

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Welcome Back!

In a triumphant return following the COVID-induced hiatus, the Munich High-End HiFi show made its presence felt once again this year, showcasing an opulent array of top-tier audio equipment. Despite the lingering impacts of a global economic downturn, the event exuded a sense of resilience as manufacturers adapted their presentations to suit the changing market dynamics.

Navigating Economic Challenges:

The shadow of the worldwide economic challenges was palpable as attendees observed a perceptible shift in the strategies adopted by many manufacturers. Companies, cognizant of the prevailing financial climate, embraced a new approach by placing a greater emphasis on their “entry-level” product lines. This strategic pivot not only reflected a pragmatic response to the economic realities but also demonstrated the industry’s determination to remain accessible even amidst adversity…

A Case in Point: Burmester:

One noteworthy example was Burmester, whose commitment to maintaining high standards persisted even in the face of economic uncertainties. Their decision to showcase their “entry-level” range underscored their dedication to quality, though it was evident that these offerings still came with a considerable price tag. This juxtaposition between quality and economic considerations encapsulated the overarching theme of the event.

Glimmers of Innovation: Atohm Speakers:

Among the myriad of exhibits, one standout was the Atohm speakers from France. The GT1-HD bookshelf speakers, complemented by a matching subwoofer, stood out as a revelation. What set these speakers apart was not just their exceptional performance, but also their relatively reasonable price point. In a market often associated with exorbitant costs, Atohm’s speakers represented a refreshing departure, making high-quality audio experiences more attainable for a broader audience.

Elevating Performance: Focal’s Speaker Range:

Another entrant that garnered attention was Focal, and their new speaker range proved to be nothing short of impressive. Even when compared to their flagship Utopia models, the new speakers exhibited exceptional performance. This unveiling not only highlighted Focal’s commitment to innovation but also reaffirmed their position as a leader in the industry, raising the bar for audio quality.

Unbeatable Affordability: Audivector and Inakustik Unite for Audiophiles

A remarkable proposition awaits all audiophiles seeking unmatched value for their investment, courtesy of a dynamic collaboration between cable specialist Inakustik and speaker maestro Audiovector. The offering, a symphony of excellence, encompasses the revered Audiovector QR3 loudspeaker, seamlessly paired with the cutting-edge Primare I15 MK2 amplifier, boasting both Class-D amplification and seamless music streaming capabilities. The pièce de résistance remains the inclusion of Inakustik’s renowned cables, harmonizing the entire setup.

Astoundingly, this complete auditory marvel stands as a testament to affordability, ringing in at less than 5000 Euros. The auditory feast that emanates from this system is nothing short of awe-inspiring. To my discerning ears, the experience was nothing short of fantastic.

For those embarking on their audiophile journey, lacking DIY audio expertise yet seeking sonic perfection through seamless synergy, this offering beckons as an irresistible choice. If I were in the shoes of a novice audiophile, this holistic solution would undoubtedly find its place as my preferred entry into the realm of captivating soundscapes.

Here’s the entire Audiovector lineup:

This is me being interviewed by them :) It was totally unsolicited and I don’t get paid to endorse their products, just liked the combo they had set up for playback.

More Impressions of the Show


The Munich High-End HiFi show of 2023 emerged as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the audio industry. In the face of economic challenges, manufacturers demonstrated their ability to pivot while maintaining their dedication to providing unparalleled auditory experiences. The event showcased a delicate balance between luxury and accessibility, promising an exciting future where even entry-level options deliver exceptional performance. As the curtains fell on this year’s show, it left both audiophiles and industry insiders eagerly awaiting the innovations yet to come.

Looking forward to 2424!

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