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7 September 2016, Wednesday

Curious what my personal audio setup looks like? Check it out here.

20 August 2016, Saturday

I’ve just switched to a new eco -friendly webhost based in Iceland (really great company) so I’m very sorry for yesterdays short interruptions. Everything is running fine now and stay tuned for more articles to come :)

04 June 2016, Saturday

I’ve been pretty busy lately with some exciting reviews to come up! Specifically about the Auralic Aries. I’m also going to write about my experiences with Raspberry PI DACs, the new Sonore Sonic Orbiter SE as well as the Micro Rendu. And I’ve extensively tested the Roon Labs software with PICoreplayer on my Raspberry PI 2. Stay tuned!

12 August 2015, Wednesday

How does Apple Music stack up for audiophiles? Check out my Apple Music review.

Once again I am sharing my PGA2310 preamp design with you guys and hope you will find it useful. Let me know what you think how it sounds. Check it out here

14 April 2015, Tuesday

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Audirvana on the Mac for lossless music playback. And the good news is that they even made it better with version 2.0!

It now comes with a built-in library manager, tagging capabilities and DSD playback support. In other words, you are no longer depending on iTunes

Here’s what it looks like (as shown on their website):

But there’s even more good stuff in their newest release. The guys at Audirvana are working on streaming audio integration – specifically Qobuz. And it is going to be remote-controllable in a future release with a dedicated iOS app.

An upgrade for existing 1.x customers is going to cost $39 while the full version will set you back $74. I’m certainly going to upgrade my license for sure.

Read the full story on Audirvana’s Homepage.