All in One: the Olive Music Digital HD Systems

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This is the story of the Olive Music Company and their Olive HD products. What they have to offer is three digital HD music systems, whose creators intended to give you the feeling of listening to the purest, perfect sound.  Their product line consists out of Olive 4 HD – a Digital HD Music System – Olive 5 HD – All-in-one digital HD Music System – and last, but not least Olive 6 HD – HD Music Server for Audiophiles. What they all have in common is that they play music from local libraries (that is, from a built-in hard disk drive),  Portable devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android portables,  Music streaming services, Cloud services, from your Mac, PC or NAS or from the Olive Internet Radio. Everything else is designed differently, to suit different needs.

Olive 4 HD “Plays all your music. Anywhere you want”, say the good people over at Olive Music. It unites all of your music from any source, and it is also equipped with a quiet 2.5” AV hard disk drive that enables you to store  up to 6,000 albums in lossless quality, or 20,000 HD tracks. And then, there is the plug-and-play technology that seems to have become a standard for audio equipment  these days.  Olive 4HD features two built-in dual HD amplifiers (one for each channel)  that are powered by a  32-bit/384kHz Burr-Brown DAC with 8X oversampling.  This Olive Music player has a modern  design, it is not made of plastic and it has a big 7.0 inch LCD with a capacitive touchscreen that enables you to access your music easily (and with style.) The Olive Music player OS enables you to go through your music collection with a few clicks, which makes the browsing through music libraries much easier. In short, this is a high quality device with all the basic features you need.

Technicalities are here:

Olive 5 HD: they call it “The Swiss Army knife of digital music”. It unites all your music, just like the Olive 4 HD, but it has some extra features: a number of  analog and digital audio inputs, so you can connect your TV (or any other source for high-quality playback) through the dual HD amplifiers of high-resolution DAC; it uses wireless technology, you can broadcast your favorite programs all over your home. And all you technical masters, follow this link to get ALL the specifications you need:

And finally, the Olive Music Player 6 HD. “Designed for audiophiles”. If you choose this player, you can expect that you’ll get as close to the original recording as you possibly can be.  The heart of this Olive Music player is “a state-of-the art differential DAC” (Burr-Brown 24-bit PCM1792), coupled with a high-precision power supply and a separate headphone DAC, powered by a 24-bit/192 kHz PCM1792. The Olive music player runs silently, it is as stable as they get, powerful and precise. The sound is crystal clear, yet warm. This player has a great flat frequency response (+0/-0.5db, 20Hz-20kHz) and the ultra-low Total Harmonic Distortion; XLR and AES/EBU outputs, in addition to the O6HD that features a 24kt gold-plated RCA ( both analog and digital) and S/PDIF optical outputs.  For the rest, check out the link

In short, Olive Music Players aim at offering everyone the best possible experience of music listening. They can’t really be called cheap, but these days, what you enjoy most usually costs just as much.

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