My New Personal Reference: EverSolo DMP-A8 Digital Media Player & Streamer

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I recently upgraded my audio setup, transitioning from a combination of the RME ADI2 Pro FS R Black Edition and Wiim Pro streamer to the EverSolo DMP-A8. My search initially led me to consider the EverSolo A6, but its features were overshadowed by the superior DAC and versatile capabilities of the A8 model. Here’s a comprehensive review, reflecting both my experience and insights from additional industry resources.

Why I Chose the EverSolo DMP-A8

Transition from RME ADI2 Pro to EverSolo DMP-A8
My RME ADI2 Pro FS R Black Edition was primarily used for its AD converter to connect to my phono stage. I was seeking a genuine analogue preamp experience, which the DMP-A8 offers with its high-quality audio processing capabilities.

Switching from Wiim Pro Streamer
The desire for a minimalist and all-encompassing setup prompted my switch from my Wiim Pro streamer to the DMP-A8, reducing clutter and enhancing sound quality through a singular, robust device.

Connection to Hypex Ncore Mono Blocks
The DMP-A8’s ability to deliver pristine sound makes it an ideal match for my Hypex Ncore mono blocks, ensuring high-quality source material for optimal audio performance.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon opening the minimalist yet sturdy packaging, I was greeted with the sleek EverSolo DMP-A8, which boasted a luxurious aluminum body and a large 6-inch Full HD touchscreen—immediately asserting itself as the centerpiece of my modern HiFi system.

Setting Up and Features

Intuitive Interface and Robust Build
Setting up the DMP-A8 was straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The device is housed in aircraft-grade aluminum, offering both durability and a sleek design.

Cutting-edge Audio Technology
The proprietary EOS-Audio-Engine supports a wide range of formats, ensuring bit-perfect playback. It utilizes advanced DAC chips AK4499EX and AK4191EQ, complemented by Accusilicon Femtosecond oscillators for precise audio processing.

Expanded Connectivity and Storage
The DMP-A8 includes multiple outputs such as I2S, HDMI, USB, optical, and coaxial. Notably, it lacks a headphone jack, aligning with its design as a high-end source component. Storage is expandable up to 4 TB through an M.2 SSD slot, accommodating extensive music libraries with ease.I purchased an aftermarket 2TB NVMe and it was a breeze to install it. EverSolo offers a convenient installation slot that can literally be openend with two screws. They even ship the DMP A8 with a screwdriver ;)

Streaming Services Support
The DMP-A8 excels in its streaming capabilities, supporting popular services like Qobuz and Tidal natively. For Apple Music enthusiasts, the device, built on an Android platform, allows sideloading of the Apple Music app, thereby expanding its streaming repertoire even further.

EverSolo Control App
The EverSolo Control App is an attractively designed and user-friendly tool that simplifies music selection and system settings. Its intuitive layout ensures that even beginners can easily navigate through its features, making it a perfect complement to the touchscreen interface of the DMP-A8. A side menu in the app provides constant access to all menu items, enhancing the user experience by making adjustments smooth and straightforward.

Performance Review

Audio Quality
The sound output is exceptionally clear and detailed across various music genres. The advanced DAC technology and dual power supply design minimize interference, enhancing the purity of sound. I liked the sound quality a lot more than my RME DAC which sounded flat and two-dimensional by comparison.

Connectivity and Network Features
With Bluetooth 5.0 and options for both wired and wireless connections, the DMP-A8 integrates seamlessly into any audio system. It serves as a comprehensive media hub with support for numerous streaming services and network storage solutions.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

The EverSolo DMP-A8 stands out in the crowded market of digital media players, combining high-quality build, exceptional audio performance, and a user-friendly interface. Priced at €1,980, it represents a significant investment but justifies this (for me) with superior sound quality, extensive format support, and robust build quality. This device is not just a sound investment but an enhancement to the overall music listening experience, making it a top contender for any serious audiophile looking to upgrade their system.

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