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Blue Jeans Cable – High Quality XLR / RCA or Speaker Cables for Less Money

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The audio cable business is dominated by myths, beliefs, false expectations and sky-high prices. After all, who would you trust? You can either be in the camp of non-believers buying the cheapest possible speaker, rca or xlr cables from Amazon or spend literally thousands of Euros on expensive boutique products. Fortunately there’s a path right in the middle and a great company offering excellent cable products at reasonable prices. Enter Blue Jeans Cable.

Why choose high quality interconnects or speaker cables?

Before I get into what makes Blue Jeans Cables special, let’s talk about why good cables matter.

First of all, you want solid electrical connections between your expensive audio gear. By solid I mean cables that won’t break or corrode. Many of my cheaper XLR cables broke just after plugging them in or out. That’s because connectors need to be hand-soldered and low.budget manufacturing processes simply won’t have much time left for quality control let alone using better quality connectors. Copper or silver are expensive. Mass manufacturers strive to keep raw material costs down.

As a result, a better cable simply lasts longer and won’t fail or degrade even after decades. It’s just you don’t have to spend a fortune to achive this goal.

I’m not going to comment on sound quality…this is higly subjective. I personally don’t believe expensive cables make much of a difference here (at least I never heard a clear difference). But your experience may vary.

What does Blue Jeans Cable offer?

They offer anything ranging from stereo cables including xlr / rca cables, digital interconects (toslink/coax cables) up to high-quality HDMI video cables. You can essentially custom build your favorite cable by specifiying length, dimensions and connector type! That’s very unique so you won’t end up with something that’s not tailored exactly to your needs. I personally hate buying several meters of cable when I simply need 0,5m. I love that.

Blue Jeans offers a range of ultra-high quality cables from Belden terminated by Canare (Japanese high-end manufacturer) just to name a few.

Pricing varies of course. Don’t expect the cheapest prices though. What sets them apart is quality of craftmanship, use of excellent materials. custom assembly, great customer service. And the final products are Made in the USA.

I’m not affiliated with them, just a long-term customer. To this day I still use my digital coaxial / rca adapter cable for DACs.

Check them out here: https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/audio/index.htm

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