How To Stream Music in Audiophile Quality using iTunes

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If you’re already using iTunes to manage your music collection which is the default for Mac users and want your music to be streamed wirelessly in high quality to your home stereo system, then Apple is giving you some exciting choices you may not be aware of:

Airport Express

This device provides something like a “wireless digital output”. Simply connect its optical output to a digital to analogue converter or to a digital input of your receiver. The beauty of it is that you can utilize Apple AirPlay to stream your music straight to your stereo. And you are not only limited to 16 bit CD quality. You can even transmit high resolution audio files through the Airport Express.

Apple TV

Similar to the Airport Express but you also get to use your TV as a management console for navigating around tracks with a great looking remote handset. For about 100 Euros from Amazon you absolutely cannot go wrong.

I almost forgot to mention the Apple Remote software for iOS (runs on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) which is a free download. It allows you to browse your entire iTunes music library. With the touch of a button, your favorite album starts playing. Although similar software is available for other platforms, I haven’t found anything that works so well right out of the box.

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  1. Just to correct – neither the Airport Express or Apple TV can stream anything other than 16bit/44.1k and 48k respectively regardless of whether you use the optical out digital connection to you DAC. No hi-res capability yet unfortunately.

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