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Product Reviews

Portable digital-to-analog converters (or DACs) can drastically boost your personal music enjoyment while on the go. They provide superior sound quality which can be of vital importance to any musical enthusiast. However it’s important to select the right DAC for an optimal listening experience, whether it be a direct plug-in or even a bluetooth DAC. […] Read more

For almost a decade, Benchmark Media Systems has set the de-facto standard for high-quality audiophile digital-to-analog converters with their flagship product DAC1. This was the first time you could give your ageing CD player a performance boost or simply try out music server technologies. Its built-in headphone amplifier was good enough to drive a Sennheiser […] Read more

As a Mac user you’ve probably become accustomed to the speed and comfort of iTunes which comes pre-installed with your machine. It offers amenities such as synchronization with your iPhone and features the ingeniously simple management of extensive music collections. Apple has invested heavily in a fantastic eco-system around iTunes. Want to remote control your […] Read more

Unfortunately, high-quality digital-to-analog converters (DACs) can be really expensive for what they do (that is converting digital pulses into analog waveforms). Luckily, eBay is flooded with cheap DACs with bold audiophile claims. But how good are these actually? Let’s find out. I have recently purchased a Chinese made DAC on eBay for under 50 Euros […] Read more

With the new N50 Network Music Player, Pioneer has given us another fantastic piece of technology that is definitely worth checking out. It will connect a device like laptop, smartphone or computer to your hi-fi system, enhancing your listening experience. Here we have a Network Audio player/Streamer/USB DAC. You can enhance the quality of the usual […] Read more