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Introduction I recently attended a regional Head-Fi Meet in Vienna, Austria and had a an absolute blast! Where else can you listen to multi-thousand euro setups and hang out with some really nice people who share the same hobby? There’s no dealer anywhere who can let you sample such a wide variety of audio gear. […] Read more

Introduction I recently purchased two Kindle Fire HD 8 tablets from Amazon (Adertising Link) for my kids to stop the endless fights for a single gaming device. My kids primarily use them for Minecraft and the occasional YouTube video. As an Amazon prime member, I can access tons of videos and music which is really […] Read more

Introduction Roon is a clever music streaming architecure that has taken the audiophile community (and myself) by storm. And with good reason. It just works perfectly well. I couldn’t believe how easy it was upgrading to the latest version 1.3. Not only was my Core automatically migrated, it even updated my Raspberry PI endpoint without […] Read more

It’s been an exciting year for audiophiles and as 2017 is just around the corner, I want to wish all my readers happy holidays. Stay healthy and happy! Regards, Michael […] Read more

Audiophiles spend too much time optimizing their gear when true music enjoyment should actually be on top of their lists. Since discovering Roon Labs, my life has completely changed (in a good way that is). As soon as I start listening, I cannot seem to get enough of my own albums. I also discover new […] Read more

If there’s one particular weakness of the Raspberry PI for audiophile use, it’s definitely its poor interface implementation. Not that it’s really bad but even the PI 2 Revision B has to share Ethernet and USB bandwith due to hardware limitations. Many enthuasiasts have reported annoying pops and clicks when listening to music over USB […] Read more

As many of you may know, the Raspberry PI is a credit card sized miniature computer that can be used for tons of things. I actually started playing around with the first gen of the PI back in 2012 and it certainly looked promising for music server projects. Unfortunately, I felt that the 700 Mhz […] Read more

Google Chromebooks are extremely popular among users who primarily use the cloud to store their documents, pictures and mostly need some sort of a cheap laptop to browse the web. In some way they mark the resurgence of netbooks who died a slow death with the advent of tablets. One major distinction is that Chromebooks […] Read more

As an iPhone user, you definitely aren’t stuck inside Apple’s eco-system as the general media wants you to believe. Far from it! If audiophile playback capabilities are what you’re after, whether that is getting a digital SP/DIF signal from the Lighting connector of your iPhone or just because you’re a mobile audiophile carrying your entire […] Read more

My readers have often asked me what type of computer setup I personally recommend, something that is suitable for a decent music server. First of all, I’m not going to recommend a specific OS. All major operating systems whether that would be Windows, Mac OS X or Linux are perfectably capable in 2020. In addition, […] Read more