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Thank You For Reading My Audiophile Experiences!

I’m a non-profit blogger writing in my spare time for pleasure however I do not own or run this website. This website is maintained and operated by my publisher. I personally want to cover as much as possible about audiophile music servers.

All I wanted, was to create an enjoyable reading experience. In addition, there are no plans to make certain parts of the site private or members-only like some other blogs out there.

Some disclaimers:

I do not get free review samples – everything I write about is based on my own personal experience with products I personally own and/or use or from gear I borrowed from audiophile friends.

    I also do not get paid by anyone

– this is strictly my hobby and my articles only reflect my personal opinion. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Google Analytics tracking code has been installed on this website which provides blog statistics. This is necessary for the website operators to see what you guys might want to read more about in the future and to keep the vitals of the site in good shape. Of course, please feel free to drop me a message if you think I should write about a topic that I haven’t covered yet.

Audio is my hobby and all my posts on this website solely reflect my personal unbiased opinions.

FTC Disclosure

Here’s the legal stuff: although this website is operated and maintained outside of the United States, I am providing a proper FTC disclosure. Some of the products I am endorsing are linked to affiliate programs by Amazon, eBay or others. My publisher is potentially collecting affiliate income from these sources to support the maintenance of this website (so far this is far from making any sort of profit, hoping at least the hosting expenses will be covered one day).

Please Support My Hard Work

Having said that, I invest a lot of my spare time to contribute to this blog (without getting paid) and I plan to do so for many years to come. I also make myself available by email and hope to answer as many questions as possible. Unfortunately, I also have a busy job and a family with two kids.

If you find my advice useful, I would be grateful if you would donate a small amount of cash to UNICEF, my favorite charity.

Alternatively, I’d be grateful to receive a small donation in Bitcoin if you found my advice helpful. Thank you!

You can send Bitcoin to this address: 1HvXFJZJYCB4eG74Fx83vhGfnT8iyNpyx7

Thank You For Your Support!